What is ‘If’

People have asked me about the title of my book ‘If’, and what made me choose this as the title?

Think of how we use the word ‘if’ –

‘If’ was the word linked so intrusively to my powerless struggle of survival on a daily basis, a tiny word with enormous impact, linked to my sadness, grief and dis-empowerment. 

What if…?  If only…?   If he/she did…!  If I had …!  If I was…!

Can you hear the doubt, powerlessness and undermining in the way I/we can use the word ‘If’ ?  Can you sense the ‘hard’ vibration it sets up?

In my book, I explore how we have created and maintained such patterns, why we might choose to change them and what we can do about it.

Come on the journey with me. You can uncover great peace, love, empowerment and deep abiding happiness.

Here’s an excerpt from the book ‘If’ explaining the premise behind the title:


If; one of the most powerful words in our language, yet a simple 2 letter word which goes unnoticed in our everyday speech. Powerful for it displays the level of dis-empowerment within us, through our statements and questions. Reflecting the level of doubt and uncertainty we operate subconsciously within in the everyday direction of life.

I say a powerful word, because it impacts and reflects how I felt within a loving family environment surrounded by a myriad of trials. It is the word which best mirrors for me the stress which I believe shaped my journey into cancer. The word found in most of my thoughts of anguish, blame, shame and resentment, which was the catalyst to create the two different cancers I journeyed through. Then when gaining the clarity of eliminating ‘if’, I was able to own and take responsibility for my journey and find a new sense of freedom and purpose within myself.