What does it mean to Surrender?

Pondering Surrender

I had often heard people talk of surrender, but I didn’t have a grasp of how or why I would use it in my life. I had always thought it meant capitulation, yielding, submission or giving up – I equated surrender to weakness, as giving in.

What does it mean to surrender? And how do you action it in your life?

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When discovering the real meaning of surrender, life opened to amazing opportunities I had not seen available to me before.

Surrender was as simple as asking, and trusting I am on the right path, and all I need would come to me.

I learnt there is no partial surrender – you cannot control the outcome – for partial surrender is control. Total surrender is total trust.

What is surrender for you and how would it impact your life? I invite you to ponder how surrender could affect you.

Enjoy your pondering