Announcing Facebook Live Workshop – Lessons from “If”

Announcing a Free Facebook Live Workshop series – for 5 weeks every Tuesday starting 22nd October 2019.  Please join me on our Facebook Page (click here)

A profound and powerful workshop series, designed to gently discover the areas of dis-empowerment people work within and take the steps to turn them around into an empowered life.

I am so happy to be Announcing this Free Facebook Live workshop series.

Title – The Lessons from ‘If’

When – 5 Tuesday nights. Starting 22 Oct 2019. 7.30 pm AEDT

It’s a Profound & Powerful Series outlining the steps taken from dis-empowerment to Self discovery, shared in an easy to understand and easy to enact experiential workshop.

Please join me on our Facebook Page (click here) and share.

Excerpt from my upcoming book, “If” :

The steps from ‘if’ are those I learned over years, which appear to be an overnight comprehension, to challenge my beliefs and move into empowerment. In many ways it felt like a massive change in a very short time. Hindsight however, is a wonderful way to achieve perspective and gave me the ability to see how many years of self-exploration and research culminated in the rejuvenated and expansive transformation of my self-esteem.

Confidence in exploring the passionate integral self was a practiced art and not an overnight event. Within the discomfort of my feeling of inadequacy, lack and guilt, I squirmed in my judgements and felt overwhelmed in my world which necessitated the need to strive for more.


I’m super excited to share this with you!