Meet Isaiah

Isaiah made himself know to Vicki in her meditation, unsure of what was happening Vicki sought advice from her step-mother and spiritual mentor, Eschani. Step by step Vicki began to channel and learn the trust it takes to give wisdom from this great master.Isaiah

Isaiah does not talk much of his history, he states his presence is about the individuals seeking wisdom, he does not promote the phenomena of which he is. We do know he ascended from a humble farming family in what he calls the awakenings of the Americas. We know that Vicki has studied under his tutelage for many lifetimes and that this is the first life time where they have worked as a team in this way to be accessible to the masses.

Now with close to 30 years of experience as a channel, Vicki teamed with Isaiah, have touched the lives of thousands. Teaching self-empowerment in gentle and deep lessons for powerful change.