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Ease and Grace

Grace and Ease, now in its 6th year, began as a 6-week course titled ‘Finding Your Own Success’. A 3 hour session, once a month course including; Isaiah’s reflections and tutelage, meditation, self-assessment and contemplation.

‘Success is a daily journey, not the result of a big win or major outcome. When we allow ourselves the awareness of each moment we judge less and trust Love more. How do you acknowledge all of your success each day, for you to shine your light in all you do?’

The success of that 6 weeks led to the members requesting to continue the course. The core group is still with us today, excitedly meeting once a month to work and grow on their self-empowerment with a group committed to support and share each other’s journey.

Grace and Ease was named by the members; as an intent in the way we choose to live our lives. Each month coming together under Isaiah’s gentle guidance and immense wisdom to work with beliefs, thoughts and actions to create inner Grace and Ease reflected throughout their lives.

The initial Grace and Ease is a closed group of dedicated individuals and is not open to new members; the wonderful news is more groups are opening based on the series of ‘Finding Your Own Success’ and using the tools used in ‘Grace and Ease’. ‘Finding a Relationship with Self’ series will offer the self-exploration and growth experienced with the same gentle and dynamic results.