Private Readings

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Private readings with Ascended Master Isaiah

To have an opportunity to sit in the audience of an Ascended Master and ask those burning questions is a privilege and can change your whole perspective on how you think about life.  To sit in front of an Ascended Master in private and ask the personal and intimate questions and have them answered from love and respect, is profound and can be life changing.  This is the amazing prospect available by booking a private reading.

Imagine what it would do for you to finally have direction and the answers behind what is happening for you.

These one on one consultations are based on the questions you have.  We suggest you write your questions before the session, because for many people, coming into the expansive energy of Isaiah often makes it hard to remember, as it changes your energy state at that time.   Each private reading ranges in time, based on the amount of questions asked, and can take up to 1.5 hours.   Sharing the session with a loved one or friend is also available and splits the cost between you.

Imagine what it would do for you to finally have direction and the answers behind what is happening for you.  The session is in person at The Basin, Victoria, or via Zoom.  You are welcome to record the session.  Vicki and Isaiah hold each person’s questions integrally and honorably, the sessions will not be discussed with anyone unless you give permission for Isaiah or Vicki to do so.

Isaiah does not predict your future.  Isaiah directs you to the energy you are actually creating in a situation and discusses with you the thoughts and feelings behind this which may be quite unconscious. Bringing to light what is actually going on, Isaiah will then support you with direction of focus for the future and how to change the energy you are working with.  Dealing with mind, body and spirit on the topic, knowledge becomes wisdom when you action that knowledge.  Isaiah can give you the direction for you to take the steps to change.

Session cost is $250, in person or via Zoom.

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