What we do & FAQs

What is Support With Spirit all about?  What do we do? What is Channeling? What’s an Ascended Master?

Who is Isaiah?

Isaiah is an entity who has worked with Vicki over many lifetimes.  Most as Master to student. This is the first lifetime that Isaiah and Vicki have worked in this fashion to bring Universal Wisdom to those who choose to learn in this way.

Isaiah is not one of Vicki’s guides, you could say they have a working relationship, that is based in a love and respect, unlike any other felt by Vicki in any other relationship she has experienced this lifetime.

Isaiah does not tell us a lot about his lives, he says we can get to involved in the phenomena of which he is and loose focus on what he is here for us.  What Isaiah has expressed about his past is to say he Ascended in what he calls the awakenings of the America’s. A simple farmer who found himself loving all that he did and all that he was, unconditionally.

How / when did Vicki know she would channel?

When Vicki discovered this new age world she never thought something like channeling would be in her destiny.  She was sitting in a circle, learning meditation which was a part of the evening. She found herself unable to keep her head still, rigidly holding the space yet loosing the battle every time.  After several weeks of very unsuccessful attempts to meditate, in frustration Vicki went to her Mentor (and later to become Step Mother) and stated her dilemma. Through several months of tutoring Vicki began to channel.

What’s it like to channel?

Vicki has expressed how our words do not describe accurately the love in which she is enveloped with, when channeling.  She is often asked if it tires her out.  On the contrary, it exhilarates her.  Often after a full day Vicki will run the Welcome Night or Grace and Ease programs, coming in tired and leaving feeling like she will not need to sleep for a week, so relaxed yet vitally alert and wide awake.

Vicki often does not instantly recall the conversations had whilst she has been channeling Isaiah.  She “moves aside” to allow Isaiah to use her body, and although she has awareness of the conversations, she recalls them in snippets.  She often likens it to remembering a dream.

What is channeling?

Full body channeling is a technique or experience developed where the hosts’ spirit moves aside or out of the body and allow another entity/spirit to use the body.  This is something that should only be done in the greatest of honour and respect for all involved.  Channeling should only be done with the highest of energies or information and integrity may be compromised. The process can also be given and the channeller may simply speak the messages given.

Channeling is a gift that can be developed, like intuition or creativity.

Now with close to 30 years of experience as a channel, Vicki teamed with Isaiah, have touched the lives of thousands. Teaching self-empowerment in gentle and deep lessons for powerful change.

What is an Ascended Master?

An Ascended Master is an individual who lived like you and I, and like us had re-incarnations.  An Ascended Master lightened their vibration to such a point that they master their energy, unconditional love and transition their body (ascended).  Being Ascended is a step beyond enlightenment – you can be an enlightened being and still be bound to the planet and re-incarnation – where-as an Ascended Master has moved beyond re-incarnation and karma.   An Ascended Master knows they and the universe are one.  From their perspective they are part of the fabric of the universe and no longer identify with a single body like we do.

Is an Ascended Master a Guide or Angel?

No, an Ascended Master is from a different perspective to a guide or an angel.

There are other entities that people have been known to connect with and channel.  Some are guides and angels.  Angels are beings of high vibration that carry certain tasks of fellowship, love and caring for the planet.  Guides are your personal spirit beings that are working closely with you, guiding you through your current lifetime – they are often personal friends/family who are assisting you whilst they are not in a body themselves, and with whom you have an agreement with to assist for a period of your current life.

Isaiah is an Ascended Master – he says that once you have been in his audience, you can call on his energy anytime for assistance, and his energy will surround you and be of support.

Who else channels Isaiah?

Isaiah and Vicki have an agreement – a contract set out before Vicki was born to this life time – that no-one else will channel Isaiah whilst Vicki is here, and Vicki does not channel other entities.

The Vicki and Isaiah connection is exclusive, and it is Vicki’s pleasure and privilege to channel Isaiah and share this wisdom and teachings.

Whilst Vicki can assist others in developing their intuition and channeling gifts, and whilst you may connect with and benefit from the energy that is Isaiah, you will not be able to channel this entity.

What is the purpose?

Through the team of Isaiah and Vicki, Universal wisdom is made accessible to all who wish to listen and ask.

What will you get out of it?

Vicki and Isaiah do not promise you will get anything out of the sessions.  It is truly up to you as to what you absorb in what is said, and then what you are willing to action from what you have heard.  Isaiah and Vicki, offer the words of wisdom through lecture and Q &A’s style sessions.  In the workshops there is experiential exercises and discussion groups all tailored as an offering, for the individual to use what they believe is true for them and at a pace they are ready to progress at.

Frequently Asked Questions in Welcome Nights

Isaiah speaks of, ‘what we see on the outside is a reflection of us on the inside’.  Also, what our body feels, reflects our lessons.  A pain, a discomfort or illness reflects what we have been thinking and feeling and ‘signposts us to love ourselves deeper’.  These discussions will often create many questions relating to body issues, e.g. I have a sore knee what would that mean etc.  Due to the floodgates opening on this topic and it only being relevant to the person asking the question, Isaiah does not answer these questions in an open forum. Isaiah will discuss these questions in the Private sessions booked by individuals or small groups.

As for predictions of the future, Isaiah will help you with direction, discussing what will assist in moving forward and what may be holding you back.  Isaiah does not tell you your future as he states that may take from your the vital experience of your journey and lessons for this life time.


What are some of his major lessons?

  • Be aware, love and appreciate the little things.  They are manageable at that size and will not grow into big issues.
  • Focus on Joy. Allow the sweetness of life.
  • Acknowledge, Acknowledge, Acknowledge. Once you have acknowledged and appreciated yourself, and the situation, do it twice more – for the Mind, the Body and the Spirit.
  • You are not wrong or broken, but learned and practised.  Free yourself from being limited to well-practised patterns with awareness, and willingness to experience from a different and greater perspective.
  • The ‘going to’ is worse than the ‘going through’.  Regularly we put off and fear what we need to do and make it worse than simple addressing the issue.
  • Signpost.  All our experiences are a signpost to love.  If our experience is tough look at where it is directing us to.
  • We are the sum total of all our experiences. Love them all.