Finding Self

Over a weekend retreat, Support with Spirit bores down into the 5 steps used to ‘Finding Self’.  These steps work from the perspective of uplifting and releasing mind, body and spirit from those feelings that there is something lacking, or there is no room or time for you, in your own life.  The feelings of being lost because you are not living who you know yourself to be.  Because life experiences have changed you, you wonder what’s left.

Techniques are given to create a new form of communication internally and externally, to empower the individual to speak their needs and feel heard; while formatting and actioning a new plan of change at a pace each person is ready to move at.

The program is designed for everyone to obtain their unique map / blueprint to move forward and feel confident in building a new and vital relationship with themselves, family, loved ones and day to day associates, stepping forward with a new mindset and spiritual awareness of self.  It doesn’t stop at the retreat, follow ups and an online course are available for you to take it further.

In summary, you are the most important person in your life.  If you find you are continually coming in second best, what are you truly giving to others?

Ask yourself, are you shining?   Remember not everyone is here to save the world, yet we all have the opportunity to impact others’ in a positive way.  So how great would it be to feel the freedom to be you, and inspire others to be themselves by being the inspirational you?

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